Achieve All Of Your Goals With Our Epic Tribe And Running Club

Join the TRIbe Club at Epic Fitness today and take advantage of our community of runners and triathletes. With your Epic Fitness membership, you’ll have access to some of the best coaching in Simi Valley and set yourself up for success on the path to achieving that long-term goal.

Let Our TRIbe & Running Club Support You Every Step Of The Way

At Epic Fitness, we believe in setting an active goal instead of a weight loss goals. So whether you’re hoping to complete your first 5K or you’ve got your sights set on an upcoming Ironman race, our Training programs will help get you across the finish line.

Epic TRIbe and Running Club includes:

  • Customized Running and Triathlon training programs
  • Coaching from trained professionals
  • Connect you with our other members and train together!
  • Assistance with race prep and nutrition
  • Workshops to teach you the latest techniques and strategies

Don't Go At It Alone - Let Our TRIbe Coaching Help You Train Smarter

Self-motivation can be a hard concept to maintain. But at Epic Fitness you can rely on a whole team of athletes and runners who have been there and done that. Let us guide you through the rigors of your Running Training with our supportive community.

At Epic Fitness, you’ll:

  • Learn how to push through the challenges and setbacks every athlete faces
  • Celebrate your successes with a team that has your back
  • Train in a safe and sustainable manner with proven best practices
  • Rely on the support, feedback, and motivation of others to make your goals a reality!

Get Started Today With Our TRIbe Club In Simi Valley

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Join us at Epic Fitness for the renowned Epic TRIbe and Running Club.

Regardless of your goals, we’ll help you achieve them with support and motivation like you’ve never seen. Fill out the short form on your screen now to learn more!


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